New Portrait Studio in Bedford, Virginia

Its been a dream of mine for years to have my own studio and yet the timing, location, or something else would be off. I took a break from photography and my husband and I had another baby. I did alot of personal development during this time. I used this time for my family and to learn and grow myself. 

Then it happened. I knew it was time to go back into photography, but this time, I wanted to do it right. I decided to follow my heart and my intuition. I decided to specialize and only shoot the types of photos that feed my soul. It was obvious to me what kind of photos those were, but I had alot of fears and doubts. I'm so grateful for all the personal development and coaching I've experienced over the last few years, because without it, I would not be ready to launch Katherine Elizabeth Portraits. 

I want to empower women to feel good about themselves right now. So many of us look in the mirror and criticize and insult ourselves. If the voice in our own head speaks to us this way, how does that effect our self esteem? Our choices? Our confidence?

When we change our habits from criticizing to edifying, we learn to notice and love the best parts of ourselves. We become confident and confident is so attractive no matter your shape, size, color, or height.

My original plan was to somehow create a home studio. We had some space in our basement that wasn't being utilized as well as we'd like. So my husband and I painted and put in new flooring. I played with the light and it wasn't ideal. I used this time to practice and build my portfolio. To my surprise, it wasn't long before we found the perfect place, in a great location, and it was within my budget. I'm still in awe of how it all just fell into place. 

Within weeks Josh and I were in painting walls and ripping up carpeting. Our kids even helped with painting and Josh's sister showed up to help with the flooring. The studio has a few more finishing touches to go, but it is ready for portrait sessions now. I'm so excited to shoot my first session with all the updates this week.   

You can see photos from the begining to end on my instagram feed at